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5 Best Restaurants to Eat and Dine at in Grand Rapids, Michigan

You may believe that since this city is deemed Beer City USA twice, you would be having a lot of beer and the food that goes along. And that is true! Grand Rapids is loaded with a lot of breweries, brew pubs, beer bars in Mall in Grand Rapids and a lot more. There is also emphasis on farm to table cuisine, in house butchery, and charcuterie. And, of course, beer. Here is where you can eat and drink at in Grand Rapids.

  1. Grove

This place uses locally sourced products like families, sustainable farms and businesses. And when it comes to good, it serves the homemade sweet potato gnocchi with duck leg confit, roasted lamb leg with green chili braised collard greens, barramundi with pork belly lardon, and burnt raisin hot sauce with a fried duck egg. You may still wonder if all such dishes are real. Yes, they are at Grove, Grand Rapids.

  1. The Green Well Gastro Pub

This is owned by the same parent company as Grove, Green Well is a nature friendly gastropub that services elevated bistro food with a lot of vegan and vegetarian options. They also serve international dishes like Korean braised beef, lamb vindaloo, noodles, Cherry Street posole, Brazilian black bean stew, quinoa falafel wrap. You can also have a Michigan sausage and cured meat plate with German potato salad. And of course the beer. You can have international or Belgian beers.

  1. Marie Catrib’s

This is the favorite among the locals. This place is a legacy of Marie Catrib, who was once the owner of this place. It serves salads, deli sides, sandwiches and her own Mediterranean based recipes made from scratch. It also serves veg and vegan choices. Feel free to take home same deli items and baked goods along.

  1. Terra

This is a locally sourced farm to table restaurant that showcases the value of authentic, artisan, seasonal, and healthful. But nowadays they are just buzzwords. But this restaurant lives up to it. They serve buffalo cauliflower and red beat, white bean hummus to seared duck breast also maple glazed pork belly. They also serve wood fired pizza, handmade pastas, and daily butcher specials from an in house butcher.

  1. Brewery Vivant

This is one of the best breweries in Michigan. It is located in a former funeral chapel with a bar. It is a Franco-Belgian-inspired pub that serves food that aligns with the oft-frigid Grand Rapids climate.

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