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Enjoy Indian Flavour In Denver to Add Spice to your Life 

Denver is a tourist destination for all countries because of its sunny weather and natural beauty. The mountain range around the city makes it beautiful, close to nature. Along with that, there are many outdoor activities like skiing in winter, kayaking, hiking, climbing and camping in summers.

Therefore, people from all over the world travel to Colorado, to explore Denver city, which also includes Indians and Americans. Denver is also known for multi-cuisine that gives a chance for every local and tourist to taste the world in one place.

One such Indian restaurant that gives you the tastes of all spices is little India in downtown Denver. The Little India Restaurant and Bar was started in 1998. Their success has given them a chance to open the second restaurant in Denver. You will get authentic Indian cuisine which includes fresh meat, vegetables, and ingredients. With friendly staff and perfect ambiance, you will always remember the taste of India.

Here are some Indian dishes that you like to try when you enter any Indian restaurant –


  • Bhajji, pakoras are deep-fried crispy onions fritters dipped in flour or chickpea batter. They are served with condiments are different flavors.
  • Samosa is again deep fried cone-shaped dough filled with spicy potatoes or meat chunks.
  • Vada pav is a sort of sandwich which is made of a bun (pav) filled with fried potato patty (vada)


  • Naan is an Indian flatbread prepared from wheat flour dough mixed with yeast. Yeast helps in fermenting dough which makes it fluffy while baking it in the oven and then butter is applied on it to moist it.
  • Roti is a staple food for Indians like rice. After preparing dough it is flattened and cooked on the stovetop.
  • Paratha and poori are prepared from the same dough, but paratha is roasted on the stovetop while slowly brushing it with oil and poori is deep-fried in oil and is smaller than paratha in size.

Main Dish

  • Tikka masala is a blend of tomato puree and some spices along with cream or yogurt. This curry is mixed with any vegetable or meat to give it a flavourful taste.
  • Dal is lentil soup which is prepared by boiling with water along with turmeric and salt and then fried with spices. Different lentils have a different style of cooking.
  • Biryani is a Mughal dish that includes red meat or chicken along with flavored rice.


  • Milk tea, black tea or cardamom or ginger tea is a specialty of Indian drinks. No Indian can live without tea it is their wake up alarm.

  • Lassi is a sweet yogurt drink and chaas is salty buttermilk. They both are healthy and help in digesting food.


  • India is famous for rasgulla and gulab jamun. Rasgulla is round-shaped white balls dipped in sugar syrup and gulab jamun is also round shaped brown balls that are also dipped in sugar syrup.
  • Halwa is pudding made from withering carrot, chickpea flour, lentils, etc.

The list doesn’t end here, but these are some basic dishes that are oar of Indian cuisine. So, next when you sit in an Indian restaurant, confidently ask them about these items and relish them.

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