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Enjoying Sushi At A Japanese Restaurant: Check These Condiments!

Talk of Japanese food, and most foodies will mention why sushi is one of their favorites. Sushi is made with Japanese rice and fish in general, and how the delicacy is prepared says a lot about the dining experience. You will find a wide range of sushi varieties – from maki and sashimi to nigiri and temaki. Maki and sashimi are two of the best choices for anyone who is starting with sushi for the first time, and we strongly recommend that you find a Japanese restaurant that offers authentic dishes. In this post, we are discussing all that you need to know – from sushi condiments to how to enjoy this Japanese delicacy better.

Know the condiments

Sushi is served with a whole range of condiments, and for anyone who has never tried Japanese food, it can be a little confusing.

  • The first thing you must know about is gari, which is another name for pickled ginger. You will find this at the corner of your plate and is great for starting the sushi experience. When you are done eating sushi, try the gari to get rid of sushi aftertaste.
  • The next condiment is wasabi, which has a similar taste as that of mustard, and it is served like a green paste. Be warned because wasabi can be really spicy, so don’t take a lot in the first bite. Wasabi is actually good for your stomach and is great for people who do not like the idea of a fishy smell in sushi.

  • Soy sauce is served at most restaurants with sushi, but there are many other varieties of this that you may find, such as the ponzu. You are expected to dip the sushi in the sauce to get that flavor soaked in the rice. If you are in mood for extra spice, you can ask the restaurant to serve mustard sauce with sushi. Japanese chefs often also present sushi with a hot chili oil, which can be used to spice the rice.

We would like to add here that using chopsticks at a Japanese restaurant may seem like the most obvious thing to do, but we recommend that you use your hands if you are not comfortable with chopsticks. Making sushi is an art of sorts in Japan, and some chefs spend more than a decade in learning the art of making sushi. Be appreciative of their efforts when you dine!

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