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How to Treat Yourself to Health at a Seafood Restaurant

Dining out for seafood is an amazing treat. Mouth-watering dishes that are fresh from the sea can add a nice touch to special occasions or date nights. For most people, having a sumptuous meal at one of the Seafood Restarurants in Mesa  az is about staying healthy. But, although you can choose from a variety of lean fish and shellfish, you need to be careful as you navigate menus which provide batter-dipped, butter-soaked, creamy, or fried recipes. If you are a health-conscious seafood lover, here are some healthy tips to help you order the right seafood options for you:

Order your Favorite or Try Something New

Seafood can be a wholesome addition to your diet and you have many options for the main course. You can try your favorite or try something new. Just look for entrees such as lobster, bluefish, salmon, shrimp, and more. Make sure to have your seafood barbecued, baked, broiled, steamed, or mesquite-grilled. Don’t forget to order a side of steamed veggies as a substitute for greasy fries or buttery baked potatoes.

Avoid Extra Calories and Fat

Sure, any seafood lover would want to dip plump pieces of lobster, shrimp, or mussels into butter. But, you can avoid the extra calories by savoring the seafood’s natural richness or squeezing fresh lemon on the dish for extra flavor. Also, consider asking the server about the items on the menu that aren’t prepared in oil or butter and choose those options. Avoid breaded, batter-dipped, or fried seafood such as fish and chips. You don’t have to try the chowders and bisques as well as the cheese and cream sauces.

Know what to Ask For

You don’t have to be a seafood connoisseur to know what options are healthy and what are not. Rather than knowing which menu items to avoid, why not know what to ask? Consider herbs and spices, fruit-based sauces, tomato sauce, salsa, mustard-ill sauces, and others.

Let the Server Know How you Want your Order Prepared

Although seafood restaurants have their general cooking method, they are willing to adjust how they can prepare your order to your preference. Thus, you should be not afraid to ask the server about healthy adjustments to an entree you are considering to order. Also, if there are terms on the menu you don’t understand, make sure to ask. You might be excited about your order; however, as the seafood casserole is served soaked in stuff you find unhealthy, you will not feel happy about it anymore.

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