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Interested in Duck Meat? Here’s what you Should Know

If you are interested in cooking duck, you have probably searched online on how to handle it. During your research, you will come across various topics that have nothing to do with cooking duck at all. This is because the word duck itself has different meanings and is associated with many things. But, when you finally find topics about the duck being a meal, you will likely to learn about the following:

There are More Frozen Duck than Fresh in Stores

The majority of whole ducks display on frozen section of supermarkets are frozen as the demand is low except at holidays. On average, people consume just around 1/3 pound of duck every year. And most people don’t have much time preparing frozen duck and prefer to use a quick roasted duck recipe.

Supermarkets Sell Young Duck

Ducks available in supermarkets are 16 weeks old and younger. The youngest that you can find are fryers or broilers which weigh 3-6 ½ lbs. Often, the roasters weigh 4-7 ½ lbs. Mature ducks tend to have tough meat that is used only in processed products.

Ducks are Regulated

Ducks for sale as food are inspected by federal and state agencies. Because grading is usually voluntary, companies that want their ducks graded should spend money on it.

Ducks Don’t Have Chemicals

Growing ducks should not include the use of hormones. Antibiotics are routinely given to the bird. Also, the FDA prohibits the use of additives except in processed meat and they should be listed on the label.

Duck is Red Meat

Duck is a bird of flight whose breast is darker than chicken or turkey. The reason is that more oxygen and red blood cells reach their muscle as they fly.

Duck-hanging Makes Sense

If you try to learn more about traditional duck cooking, you will know that Chinese establishments hang duck in their windows. Duck-hanging is actually a vital step in preparing delicacies such as roasted Cantonese Duck and Peking Duck. Some recipes even require hanging the bird for at least 12 hours or overnight in a breezy place. But, no matter how you want to hang your duck, there is no half-hearted way to make a delicious duck dish.

Duck is the New Steak

Just like steak, duck breast much be cooked one temperature below where you want to eat it and rewarmed to the temperature where you want it. Although rare duck can be a bit chewy for someone’s’ taste, it is a perfect medium rare/ medium that will leave you speechless after having your first bite.

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