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Super Quick Breakfast Recipe With Fruit

This is a super quick breakfast recipe that isn’t only healthy but a terrific way to increase the fruit into what you eat. Fruit smoothies are a good breakfast idea which fast and simple recipe may have you interior and exterior your kitchen very quickly.

This is a fundamental smoothie recipe that’s simple, versatile and could be altered based on available ingredients or whatever you might have an idea when ever you are making your smoothie. You’re limited only from your imagination around the flavor varieties you are able to invent.

Fast and simple Smoothie Directions:

Just choose a liquid, a fruit or fruit combination, a protein addition and (if preferred) a sweetener and/or spice. Adjust ingredients based on your personal taste. The measurements with this quick breakfast recipe create a a cup.

For blending instructions, simply place all of the ingredients, starting using the liquid, right into a blender and give a couple of ice. Placed on the lid and blend until smooth. Increase the ice and/or liquid as needed to achieve the preferred consistency.


I personally use single serving of plain or vanilla low-fat grain, soy or almond milk however, you may choose to use low-fat or fat-free milk or plain or vanilla yogurt. Sometimes I swap the milk and just use simply unsweetened juice like orange, cranberry, apple or pineapple juice.


It’s my job to use in regards to a cup to some cup . 5 of fruit (reduce small chunks as needed), whether single type or perhaps a combination (see fruit combination ideas below), for example bananas, berries (bananas, raspberries, blackberries or particularly), peaches, melon (cantaloupe, honeydew or seedless watermelon), pineapple, papaya, or mango.

Extra Protein:

Adding a scoop of protein powder for your smoothie adds extra diet effortlessly. Consider using a flavored protein powder (like chocolate or vanilla) to include some extra flavor for your smoothies. You might then add silken tofu for your smoothies (a couple of-3 ounces per smoothie). Just break up just a little as putting it in to the blender.

Sweet and/or Spice:

I drizzle in certain honey, agave syrup, walnut syrup or perhaps a little brown sugar to my very own taste. Sometimes I’ll give a pinch of spice like cinnamon, nutmeg or pumpkin cake spice to include some extra layer of flavor. Another ideas will be to use really are a little coconut cream or grated coconut, just a little cacao powder or perhaps a little lime or lemon zest.

Here are a few flavorful fruit combinations you may want to try:

– mango, blueberry, and orange juice or

– particularly and blueberry or

– bananas and raspberries or

– mango, bananas and blueberry or

– cantaloupe and mango or

– bananas, cacao powder, and cinnamon

– mango, papaya and cinnamon

This quick breakfast fruit recipe could be altered all all year round making with periodic fruit. Most commonly it is different so you’ll never be bored. Try smoothies for something new of pace like a quick breakfast meal inside a glass or perhaps a great snack. They’re a quick and nutritious breakfast this is not merely scrumptious however a healthy meal choice.

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