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The Best Guide to Applying for a Florida Liquor License

If you are selling beer, liquor, or win in Florida, you need to apply for a license from the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco Bureau of Licensing. Selling alcohol in the state requires one or two main licenses. A quota license is the first license that must be obtained for a full-service alcohol establishment. This license is offered once every year on a lottery. The second license that must be obtained by alcohol establishments is the SRX which is a special restaurant license  applied for year-round if more than 50% of an establishment’s sales is food. The state has 54 subcategories of licenses based on the kind of business owned. Keep reading to learn more on how to apply for a Broward County Liquor License if your business is in Florida.

Gathering Important Documents

When applying for a liquor license in Florida, you need to gather some documents to send with your application. Check with the city zoning board to know where the location you wish to buy a liquor license for is zoned to serve alcohol. You must obtain an approval document that you include in the liquor license application. Also, get a health approval for safety and sanitation form the County Health Authority or Department of Health of you are not serving food. But, if you are serving, get this health approval from the Division of Hotels and Restaurants.

Meeting Other Important Requirements

When getting a liquor license in Florida, fingerprinting is also a requirement. Florida partners with PearsonVue to handle fingerprinting. Just turn in your PearsonVue receipt with your application. Make sure to keep a copy for yourself. Also, get the necessary social security numbers for all people included on the liquor license application. Ensure the business has proper state registration. You must have a federal employer’s identification number.

Further, your application should also come with a sketch of the business.  If necessary, obtain a certified copy of an arrest disposition. You will need to do this if you answered yes to any questions on the application on your criminal background. A “mitigation for moral character” form may also be filled out. The application for a Florida liquor license must be filled out with information about the shareholders with direct involvement with the business. You can find an application online at the website of the Bureau. Once your application and documents are ready, mail them to the BT Licensing Central Office. Although the documents are a little technical, the customer service at the Bureau can assist you.

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