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Vegetarian Burger Recipes – Healthy Scrumptious Burgers

Vegetarian burgers unlike burgers made from meat really are a healthy and substantial food. There are many ways to create a vegetarian burger and i’ll list generate income like mine made.

The very first is a vegetarian burger recipe, for just one, that does not everybody will enjoy since it has onions:


1 small onion chopped fine

1 really small or 1 / 2 of a medium size bell pepper (eco-friendly, red, yellow is not important)

1 small shredded carrot

1 cup of cooked dark beans (drained can of kidney beans is okay)

pepper and salt to taste.

Procedure: Place chopped onions, peppers and shredded carrots right into a bowl and add some beans. Mash all the ingredients together completely. The beans will behave as the bottom for that burger keeping the many other ingredients together. Form right into a burger. Dip the created burger first into milk (vegans use soy milk) then into either cracker, corn flake or bread crumbs. Inside a skillet heat about one tablespoon of essential olive oil. Put the burger in to the essential olive oil to fry. Brown it on sides and serve on the bun having a slice of tomato and a few lettuce. If you value onions convey a thin slice of onion onto it too. You are able to serve this with any type of side dish you want plus a slice of pickle.

The second reason is a vegetarian burger recipe for one that’s quite different and isn’t for that onion lover.


1 really small or 1 / 2 of a medium size bell pepper chopped finely (eco-friendly, red, yellow is not important),

1 small shredded carrot,

1 small tomato diced

1 cup of cooked brown or white-colored grain

pepper and salt to taste.

Procedure: Put the chopped pepper, shredded carrot and diced tomato right into a bowl and add some 1 cup of cooked grain. Mash all the ingredients together until firm and form right into a burger. Fry in skillet with one tablespoon of essential olive oil. When you purchase you might dip the burger into some milk (vegans use soy milk) after which into cracker crumbs corn flake or bread crumbs before you fry it but there is no need since the grain will brown. Serve on the bun having a slice of tomato and a few lettuce. You can utilize any side dish you want with this particular burger together with slices of bread and butter pickles.

I personally use carrots to create this vegetarian burger recipe juicier. Although during these there’s something concerning the carrot which makes the burger tastier. For variations on these recipes add other ingredients for example mushrooms, cooked mashed pumpkin or butternut squash or any other veggie that you simply enjoy. An alternative of those recipes creates an infinitely more enjoyable burger every time you allow it to be and eat it.

The grain or beans during these recipes replace meat and add substance towards the burger. The beans within this recipe is gloomier in calories however the grain is simpler to create and cooks up more solidly therefore, making the consistency of the burgers quite different. These recipes contain not just healthy ingredients but they’re tasty too. Try these two vegetarian burger recipes and select your personal favorite.

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