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What Are Some Of The Best Pizza Varieties? Find Here!

Modern pizza may have its origins in Naples, Italy, but this is the comfort food that the world loves. In the US, around 350 slices of pizza are sold every second, and over 90% of Americans have pizza at least once every month. If you check for pizza delivery in Phoenix, you will find many legendary outlets, and most of them have their specialties. In this post, we are talking of the best pizza varieties that you need to try.


Talk of the most popular pizzas in the world, and Margherita would top the list. This is more of classic pizza that can be found in most eateries and pizzerias. Margherita is always loaded with fresh mozzarella cheese, and you can always ask for double cheese. The crust is really thin, and the pizza has fresh tomato sauce with basil leaves. If you don’t like pizzas with a lot of extra toppings, Margherita is the one to go for.


Did you know that Pepperoni is the most popular topping for pizza? At least the surveys say so. Pepperoni has this nice spicy touch to it, with the right amount of salt, and when you match it with a gooey cheese, the taste is just ideal for a boring Monday. Pepperoni pizza can have a crispy crust, and besides Mozzarella, you can always use Parmesan cheese.


You can either fall in love with the Hawaiian pizza or can hate it completely – but there is no way you can ignore it. Contrary to popular belief, Hawaiian pizza doesn’t have its origins in Hawaii but Canada, and the toppings include tomato sauce, ham, cheese with pineapple. Pineapple is what makes the Hawaiian pizza so special, and there are people who actually love the idea of having this pizza with cocktails. You don’t have to make it – Just order right away.

BBQ chicken

BBQ chicken is another classic choice, and it is loaded with chicken that’s cooked in barbeque sauce, or can have a loaded dose of BBQ sauce. Red onions, fontina cheese, and other toppings can be added as required, and while the sweetness is in place, BBQ chicken pizza is more like an option for those who like saucy pizzas. You will find varied kinds of options in this pizza, especially because experimentation is the new thing!

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