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What are the Famous Types of Pizzas Served in Minneapolis?

Since its inception, pizza has undergone many transformations to be deemed a dish that people love the most today. As a pizza aficionado, you need to get acquainted with all kinds of pizzas being served, particularly in Minneapolis. So, Dulono’s Pizza and Bar has listed the most famous types of pizzas served for you! Read on to know more.

  1. Neapolitan pizza

This is the most original pizza there is. This has originated way back from 18th century in Naples, Italy. In that era, the destitute citizens of this very city have often bought food that is affordable and can be consumed quickly. Fortunately for them, Neapolitan pizza was cheap and readily available everywhere.

  1. Chicago pizza

Chicago pizza aka deep dish pizza gets named after the city as it was invented in it. In the 1900s, Italian immigrants were seeking something similar to Neapolitan pizza. Rather than copying it, they made a pizza on a thick crust that had raised edges. It looked quite similar to a pie and the ingredients were in reverse with mozzarella slices that lined the dough. Then meat, veggies and a can of crushed tomatoes are added as toppings.

  1. New York style pizza

These pizzas are large, have foldable slices and crunchy outer crust. This is originally a variation of a Neapolitan style pizza, this very pizza became renowned on its own that adds an exceptional flavor that resembles the minerals present in the water supply of New York.

  1. Sicilian pizza

Sicilian pizza aka sfincione also comes with a thick cut of pizza and bears a pillowy dough, crunchy crust and strong tomato sauce. The pizza is cut square, with or without cheese and usually with cheese underneath the sauce in order to avoid the pie from being getting soggy. Sicilian pizza was introduced to the US in the 19th century by the Sicilian immigrants and became renowned after the Second World War.

  1. Greek pizza

This pizza was brought forth by Greek immigrants who arrived to the US and were introduced to the Italian pizza. Greek style pizza is usually famous in the New England states that showcases a thick and chewy crust which is further cooked in shallow and oiled pans that lead to a nearly deep fried bottom. In Greek pizza, it comes with a crust that is puffier and chewier than the thin crust pizza but not as thick as Sicilian or Chicago.

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