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What is Michelada and How was it Founded?

A michelada is a Mexican cervaza preparada prepared by beer, lime juice, sauces, spices, tomato juice and chili peppers. It is served in a chilled and salt rimmed glass. Michelada has numerous variations in the entire Mexico and Latin America. In the former, the most common form is made with lime, salt, beer, hot sauces and chili slices. Other ingredients include Maggi sauce, Tajín, soy sauce, chamoy powder, Worcestershire sauce, Serrano peppers, Clamato, Camaronazo, or orange slices. Now it’s time to enlighten yourself with the Michelada history.

The History of Michelada

It was first created in Mexico in the Mexican Revolution of 1910. According to the legends, a military leader El General, Don Augusto Michel used to lead his soldiers to his favorite cantina situated in San Luis Potosi to relish the Mexican beer with lime and hot sauce for adding more to their character. After the combat days, El General Micheal believed that the drink would add more to their strength, so the owner of San Luis Potosi cantina, named this beverage in El General’s honor by naming it “Michelada”, meaning Micheal plus chelada or cold one. Other revolutionary heroes like Pancho Billa also visited the cantina often, celebrating their war conquests by toasting their Micheladas to their fellow warriors by boldly yelling with pride, ““Viva, Viva Mexico y Saludos Amigos!”

There is more to the history…

If this story is true, then it was in the fate for the Michelada to be formed in the same place where El General, Don Augusto Michel was born and raised. That very area is adorned with historical moments. In the year 1846, the army of Mexico marched in through San Luis Potosi to combat against the US troops who were trying to invade Mexico. In the year 1862, Mexican President, Benito Juarez relocated the capital of the nation to San Luis Potosi in the ongoing invasion of Mexico by Maximillano.

Five decades leading to calm and prosperity led to Mexico’s victory over the French. But in that very era, there were changes implemented in the year 1910 where President Porforio Diaz sent his most powerful enemy Francisco Madero to a San Luis Potosi jail. Howeber, Francisco successfully eloped and issued the plan of  Luis, where the Mexicans were encouraged to go against the government and mark the inception of Mexican revolution also known as Michelada.

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